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The Depilation Paper Roll is hygiene and single use which is very perfect for hair removing in beauty salon.
鈼?Gentle and efficient
Melts at a lower temperature reducing risk of burning and pain on the treated area. The Depilation Paper Roll is made of 100% spunlace nonwoven which is an efficient and gentle hair removal for all skin types inclusive sensitive skin.
鈼?Strong Permeability
Soft and flexible 100% spunlace nonwoven, great tensile strength, not easy to break and harmless to skin. Strong permeability, no dandruff, can be tailored according to actual needs. Our Depilation Paper Roll achieve long lasting smoothness with a process that鈥檚 as pain-free as possible.
鈼?Health and Hygienic
Regular size in the market such as 7cm x 20cm, 7cm x 23cm, 8cm x 20cm, 8cm x 23cm all can be customize. Normal package is 100pcs/pack, 50pack/ctn. The Depilation Paper Roll keeps waxing healthy, clean, and sanitary. Simply throw away each strip after using it and begin with a fresh hypoallergenic strip as needed.
鈼?How to use
After applying the wax on the skin, put on this paper and press until it strongly sticks on to the Depilation Paper Roll. Make sure you're applying the roll in the direction of your hair growth. Once the wax is warm on your skin, pull the surrounding skin taught, grab the end of the Roll, and pull. It is hygiene and single use which is very perfect for hair removing in beauty salon.
Q1: What is your MOQ ?
A: Our Depilation Paper roll MOQ is 1,000 rolls.
Q2: Can we order various products in one full container ?
A: Yes, no problem.
Q3: Can we print our logo on paper card ?
A: Yes,of course.
Q4:How long can I get cargos after I order ?
A:We will ship them 25-30 day after we receive deposit.Salon Disposables suppliers
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